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Mr Rabbit does not even believe in himself

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-09-05

The most telling argument why the rural independents should lend their qualified support to an ALP minority government is the inability of Team Rabbit to put forward a case more substantial than party patriotism and scare tactics.

The appeal merely on the basis of whatever loyalty there was to their former parties is like a bitch ex wife tarting herself up to try persuading an abused ex husband to loan her money.

While the public responds to scare tactics, I expect that experienced politicians know what this actually means – the lack of anything better or more logical to use instead.

It’s an unedifying spectacle that shows Team Rabbit has as much confidence in their capability to govern well as they did in the error-ridden costings they tried to hide.

I actually thought they’d at least try to put forward an argument they thought had a substantial basis, even though I’d expect it to be a flawed argument.

Without even an attempt at a substantial argument in favor of his own worthiness, Mr Rabbit shows he knows he isn’t worthy.


One Response to “Mr Rabbit does not even believe in himself”

  1. Michael said

    My reading of Abbott’s body language post election declarations by the Independents is relief.

    He may say he wants to be PM, but I think deep inside he knows he hasn’t got the goods for the job. His metier is pugnaciously opposing everything.

    Called upon to negotiate, to lead a government, to head a nation, I suspect those notions terrify him. Opposing, knocking, belittling, these are all first nature to him, and now, he is free again to let these ‘people skills’ have full rein.

    As PM, he wouldn’t know what to do, and there’s no-one in his shadow Cabinet who could guide or mentor him, either. For much the same reason – no talent for it, or anything but the snarl and the dig.

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