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Recruiting for your enemy

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-06

Hyperbole and hypocrisy are great ways to bolster the numbers of your enemies.

Governments are working hard to paint Assange as a terrorist like Bin Laden.

How many idiots became dangerous jihadists because of overblown rhetoric (and lies) from western politicians?

How many tech-savvy groups will become so angry about the treatment of wikileaks, that they go further than Assange, by actively hacking for data rather than waiting it to be leaked?  How many will go further still, not just copying data, but corrupting it?

It’s going to get ugly.

Update: It is, with hacktivists hitting Mastercard and other –

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6 Responses to “Recruiting for your enemy”

  1. notzed said

    One wonders if this isn’t just the sort of thing Assange wants?

    Keep pushing ‘them’ until they over-react so aggressively that it shows them up for what a bunch of horrible anti-democratic despots they really are. The reaction from politicians in all parts of the world is telling the general population more about their governments than any of the documents have so far.

  2. Dave Bath said

    notzed: I’ve seen nothing to suggest Assange wants people to damage systems.

    I rather suspect that Assange hoped for better input into public debate, and exposure of impropriety, hoping this would lead to better informed voters, and gradual improvement in governments.

    The overreaction is rather disturbing – the sort of defences a state would use if guilty of the worst accusations of conspiracy theories.

    However, Assange’s long-standing paranoia is now shown as not so paranoid.

  3. Ann O'Dyne said

    I am very worried that if the Septics get him it will be Hicks Redux – on the concrete for 6 years.
    The Swedish Chicks is trumped-up and sickening.
    One funny thing only: in response to Wacko Palin’s remark to hunt him down and kill him like BinLaden, an online commenter said “well he’s safe for 10 years at least”.
    I hope so.

  4. Ann O'Dyne said

    deliberately not a live link but please do paste it and read. the ‘rape’ is a technicality based on his failure to use a c*ndom the second time (ie the morning after the first act) with the swedish chick.
    She bragged on FkBook right after. I am so worried that this SwedishSex Circus will lead to the evil septics getting the cuffs on him. Remember Hiroshima if you please, and which cuntry did the bombing.

  5. Dave Bath said

    Ann; Well said, both times.

    “Bragged on facebook afterwards…” ????

    Ummm…. And the arrest was still issued?

  6. Dave Bath said

    Pro-Assange hacktivist assault on have already started, hitting the Swedish Prosecutor (, and sites related to companies that have frozen wikileaks accounts (,

    I’d assume there are other pro-Assange retaliations happening, but these are not as readily identified, government sites that are under attack normally or with very hardened defences.

    The site associated with the hacktivists is being counterattacked. It’ll be interesting if the hacktivists are savvy enough to grovel through the diagnostics and publish the info on which governments are the likely suspects.

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