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No Arbibeque – Q and A

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-10

Q: With chats with US spiesembassy officials, what is the difference between the probably-innocent chats of most politicians, and the probably-dodgy ones of Senator Mark Arbib, as revealed by wikileaks?

A: Arbib repeatedly demanded to be a protected source, the chats kept secret from all non-US eyes.

Q: So what?

A: Why would he make such demands unless he…

  • knew he was passing improper information (unfit for parliament);
  • knew he was making improper requests (unfit for parliament); or
  • has some personality disorder, a James Bond delusion to the point of instability, (unfit for any sensitive information, especially cabinet-in-confidence);

Q: Why are all the other politicians, from both sides of the centre-right coalition between the ALP and Libs/Nats, downplaying this given that presumably all would be innocent of making "protected source" demands?

A: ???


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