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Backroom and visible policy at odds

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-01-05

The Wikileak about Australia taking Japanese whalers to court being nothing but a to placate the public, not the actual thrust of action by government, raises two points unrelated to whaling:

  1. The publication sequence of wikileaks might be planned, the more damning still to be released;
  2. More importantly, we must wonder what other actions of government are designed to distract, while more forceful occult policy pushes the opposite way.

Leaked United States diplomatic cables also indicate that the decision to take Japan to the International Court of Justice was designed to divert public pressure on Labor over whaling.

– The Age

The article goes on to say the court action would probably be counterproductive, likely to fail and actually strengthen the hand of whalers.

Were the failures on fair resource rent taxes, climate issues, and other issues close to the heart of the nation’s long-term interest the result of similar actions?

How common is it for there to be a weak publically-visible action such as a bill in parliament, while more effective backroom actions not only white-anted the visible policy, but push the nation in the other direction with the full knowledge and approval of those in power?

Remember when KRudd first raised the notion of the resource rent tax, pre-election, with the worm?  It was like a dose of viagra to the worm!

Garnaut on climate change – promised, praised, pushed aside.

I’d bet both major parties are guilty of such duplicity, there is every reason to suspect it, none to think otherwise.

The whaling case, even if the other policies involved honest policy pushes, shows that politicians are prepared not merely to lie about intent, not merely put keep a policy out of the headlines, but lie during the implementation stage.

Refugee policy shows signs of similar perfidy, let lots of refugees in to keep down wages, but attack those few coming by boat as a sop to the xenophobia of bogans, even fan the xenophobic flames.

As to the Tories… we’ll the battlers got conned, their slice of the GDP cake as wages fell as profits soared, placated with a housing bubble that could burst at any moment.

Banks gouging us all while given effective subsidies to those who by their very nature not only caused the economic crisis, but will cause the next one?

It’s a pity we cannot dissolve the parties, prevent the donations to party machines, remove the donor influence on backroom bastards to actual policy with whips to keep party politicians in line.

It’s a pity the executive isn’t created, governments formed, by confidence of individual parliamentarians, voting on all issues as individuals, elected on the strength of their commitment to stated principlles rather than a label next to their name on the ballot paper.


2 Responses to “Backroom and visible policy at odds”

  1. Ann O'Dyne said

    I am a deeply cynical person dear DB, and suspect the worst re all points above.
    re whaling: the Danish eat more whale than the Japs and our bogan-Princess Mary isn’t saying boo about that.

    (have you ommitted a crucial word in your opening?)

  2. Dave Bath said

    AO,D@1: Added a comma for better parsing, and "Australia" for clarity – although the linked article indicated Oz. Was this what you meant?

    Mind you… I wonder if there is a country where the same thing happens.  I love to know which would be the least, and most, guilty.

    Also, some reformatting where lt/gt got screwed while authoring on my mobile, messing with ol and blockquote… Mobile phones are not the most reliable form of putting in html!

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