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A yummy way to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s on the cards

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-01-30

Cinnamon toast – always loved it – and now there’s a new excuse for the luxury – to prevent Alzheimer’s Dementia (AD) – and some hope it’ll reverse some of the problems of that nasty disease.

"Orally Administrated Cinnamon Extract Reduces β-Amyloid Oligomerization and Corrects Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer’s Disease Animal Models" in PLosOne (doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0016564 – published 2011-01-28) includes the following:

Our results present a novel prophylactic approach for inhibition of toxic oligomeric Aβ species formation in AD through the utilization of a compound that is currently in use in human diet.

OK, so the animal model is a mouse, but it’s a pretty aggressive model, and the cinnamon extract (CEppt) helped with both microscopic and chemical changes (Aβ – beta amyloid – buildup), as well as function.

When administered to an AD fly model, CEppt rectified their reduced longevity, fully recovered their locomotion defects and totally abolished tetrameric species of Aβ in their brain. Furthermore, oral administration of CEppt to an aggressive AD transgenic mice model led to marked decrease in 56 kDa Aβ oligomers, reduction of plaques and improvement in cognitive behavior.

Now, sure, there are a few things in the lipids found in cinnamon you don’t want to overdo, but the extract was prepared with water.

OK, so it’s pretty darn safe, been used as a medicine and food for millenia, and is also useful in a scourge of modern affluent societies – Diabetes II (I’ve added a DOI and link inside the following snippet)

Cinnamon has unique medicinal abilities such as blood sugar control (doi:10.2337/diacare.26.12.3215), anti-oxidant, anti inflammatory and anti-microbial activities. Furthermore, it was demonstrated that cinnamon has an inhibitory effect on Tau aggregation related to AD, as well as pharmacological properties in the treatment of type II diabetes.

So, what’s a recipe with lots of cinnamon?  Cinnamon toast!


You need: Toaster, knife, bread, cinnamon, sugar, margarine or butter.  That’s all.  I never used commercial cinnamon sugar – to stingy on the cinnamon – I always liked enough cinnamon to be properly brown on the toast.

Loved it as a kid, haven’t had it for a while, but will certainly have more from now on.

I suppose if you’ve got diabetes II, you’ll want it without the sugar.

You could also make a cinnamon tea I guess – stick of cinnamon in hot water – if you wanted to hit it pretty hard and wanted to minimize the lipid-soluble compounds.

So… it can’t do any harm and it looks like it can help, and it’s the perfect excuse for comfort food!

Don’t forget that cinnamon toast recipe now!


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