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Release of Egyptian rendition records would be explosive

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-02-01

It’s a fair bet by anyone familiar with Egypt’s Ministry of the Interior, that this ministry was a subcontractor providing torture services to some great powers, and the details of those services were well-known by the governments of middle and lesser powers to.

In Western countries, any government in power since rendition entered the vocabulary of the well-read will be desperately hoping Egyptian records proving Western complicity in torture will never become public knowledge.

Who benefits most if the Ministry of the Interior is burnt, if paper and electronic records can’t get leaked to the press or the wider internet?

Whether or not the current regime is eventually toppled, many present and former leaders would love evidence to be destroyed.

There has been enough detailed evidence, merely relating to the torture of Habib, an Australian citizen, in Egypt (by the new VP of Egypt, no less) and Gitmo, for the ALP government to initiate a serious investigation – an investigation that would, with even public knowledge that there actually was an invesigation, even without enough evidence to ensure conviction of crimes we are duty bound to prosecute under the ratified UN Convention Against Torture, would taint many in the current Coalition Parliamentary Party and the Coalition party machine.

The failure of the ALP to investigate, to use an opportunity to devastate their political opponents must puzzling to anybody who has kept abreast of international affairs for the last decade, unless they suspect that parliaments worldwide having basically two major parties are basically duumvirates, voters merely deciding which party is the senior partner term by term.

It’s certainly not in the interests of pro-democracy forces in the middle east if records of torture are destroyed.  Those records are key to legitimizing protest and any revolution.

Even detestable Islamist extremists have nothing to gain, and everything to lose, if the records of misrule are destroyed?

Why set fire to the most inflammatory material that can destroy their enemies?

Cui Bono? Who benefits?

The existing Egyptian regime, and all those colluding with them, have strong motives to destroy evidence of crimes, and with agents provocateurs easily placed in demonstrating crowds, certainly have means and opportunity.

The interesting thing with the destruction of the evidence will be how straight a face Western leaders can manage with their "Tut tut tuts" at the destruction of any buildings by violent members of the protest groups.

I bet, if such destruction of evidence happens, Western leaders will, explicitly or by suggestion, blame the destruction on Islamist extremists who desperately want that evidence as a weapon.

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4 Responses to “Release of Egyptian rendition records would be explosive”

  1. roger said

    Thanks for this. Although we “know” political duplicity and diplomatic subterfuge are business-as-usual I think most of us nevertheless want to think, “oh, well, no, they wouldn’t go that far”. But they would.

  2. Dave Bath said

    Sir Roger, not cynical enough:

    We want to think “Our voters wouldn’t be ok with our government going that far!”

    But they would.

  3. roger said

    You send a chill down my spine. But you are right.

  4. Dave Bath said

    Sir Roger…

    I once thought good education and good information would make a difference. It can, but only to those individuals that want it, and prepared to continue wanting it even though the truths are discomforting, the few recognizing the bitterness of saccharin and aspartame offered as honey by the organs of consumerism.

    That’s a minority – the intersect of those inclined to good and exposed to a civilized education.

    The majority fall victim to lotophagi, minds numbed, or don’t plug their ears to the sirens’ call of wealth, ending smashed by rocky markets.

    The hopes for improved societies we’d had as optimistic youth encouraged by apparent gains of the civil rights movements, versus the ugly truth now of today’s heartless (except where fashionable) majority, is like how close Mars was immediately after Armstrong and Aldrin versus our inability to have bases in local Lagrange Points, indeed our inability to get out of orbit… worse, the shuttles are rustbuckets without replacements.

    The sad thing is that once society cared more about improved justice for all. The sad thing is there was strong evidence of heart.

    What poison stilled that heart?

    What is the antidote?

    And in these days, would the antidote be taken even if available free of charge?

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