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Dumb marketing or dumb market

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-02-06

On the back of today’s Age "Sunday Life" fluff liftout is an ad that made my jaw drop – mentions St Valentine’s day, romantic picture of a couple walking under blossoming trees, picture of the products (jewellery)…

… but the brand name… "Pandora"!

Ever heard the common phrase "Opening up a Pandora’s Box"?

I wondered if the person suggesting that name was an idiot, a cynic after a very ugly marriage, or thought it a nice sound while assessing the wealthy demographics as untutored… or probably two out of three.

The message for the guy buying the ring? "The girl might have a lot going for her, apart from trustworthiness – things will get really ugly with the worst things happening – things so bad you’d never heard of them before – and there won’t be even a glimmer of hope."

Pandora, as anybody in the western world should know, was the girl given a box and told NOT to open it." She did, and all the evils in the world, hitherto a paradise, were released, and she managed to shut the box when only one thing was left: Hope

I can understand the suggestion being made, tongue in cheek by someone for whom the following rings true:

Marriage is like a game of cards: at first you think you only need two hearts, but and the end you only want a freaking club and a spade.

What next?  "Medea’s Wedding Gift Shop&quote;?


  • While less well known than the story of Pandora, there are a number of ballets and plays (most famously by Euripedes) about Medea after being dissed by Jason of Golden Fleece fame, sent his new bride a wedding dress and jewellery, poisoned so that Creusa would die a horrible death, feeling like she her entire skin was burning, when she wore the stuff.  But that’s not all, Medea gets all Hannibal Lector with her own (and Jason’s) kids and stews them up in a pot.  So… a "Medea" style of wedding dress?  FAIL.


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