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Last on-site mention of IPv6 by relevant Minister was … Coonan not Conroy

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-02-06

With the last IPv4 internet addresses having been allocated, and the only way forward being IPv6, it’s obvious that the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy should be on top of this issue.

Hunt around and you might wonder if he has ever heard of it.

Well, the Minister has his own site:, and Minister Stephen Conroy doesn’t mention it according to his search engine, while going out to google and entering "IPv6" does find ONE mention, by Helen Coonan, way back in 2005 (see images below, taken 2010-02-05).

W…..T…..F…..!!!  I rarely use such words, even those acronyms, but ONE F***ING MATCH for IPv6???  On the site of the Minister who has to get IPv6 in urgently?  And it ISN’T from the Minister since Howard got booted out a parliamentary-term-and-a-bit ago?  W….T….F…..!!!

On, there is one mention of IPv6 - not by Conroy, but Coonan, in 2005 - Google Search

One mention of IPv6 in the site of the relevant Minister

And what if we search inside Conroy’s own webpage?

Cannot find mention of IPv6 using the search button on the site of Minister Stephen Conroy

Have you even heard of IPv6 Stephen?

The reason the search won’t find Coonan’s mention is that Coonan’s stuff is archived and excluded from searches.  Now Coonan wasn’t exactly the brightest lamp in parliament, what she said in the area of her responsibility made me lower my head and cringe at her ignorance, but EVEN SHE WAS MORE ON THE BALL THAN CONROY.

Add to the pig ignorance of Conroy on technical matters (one would hope ISPs wishing to keep charging like a wounded bull for monopoly leasing out a limited resource of IPv4 addresse weren’t able to pay Ministers off), you’ve got Conroy pushing the Net Filter!

Conroy must be sacked, burned, pillaged…..

Notes/See Also:

  • Wikipedia on IPv4 and IPv4 Address Space Exhaustion

    Since the 1980s it has been apparent that the number of available IPv4 addresses is being exhausted at a rate that was not initially anticipated in the design of the network….IANA’s primary address pool was exhausted on February 3, 2011 when the last 5 blocks were allocated to the 5 RIRs. Various address allocation and depletion models predict the first regional registry depletion in the second half of 2011.

  • In 2003, the director of APNIC (in Brisbane, the body that organizes Asia/Pacific addresses), Paul Wilson, stated that, based on then-current rates of deployment, the available space would last for one or two decades – IDIOT. The only people interested in not moving are the ISPs (and, back then, Microsoft, who weren’t ready, years and years behind Linux).
  • IPv6 uses a 128-bit address and the new address space supports 2^128 (340 undecillion or 3.4×10^38 addresses (as opposed to 4.3 Billion in IPv4)
  • "No Choices Left Conroy" (2011-02-06) has a LOL on the subject.
  • "Internet runs out of addresses – a model for climate policy inaction" (2011-02-04) – a real worry as the IPv4 exhaustion was undeniably predictable apart from exactly which month it would happen in, and the IPv6 solution has been around for over a decade waiting for politicians to push it through.
  • That advisor to the PM on digital productivity is so anally retentive that on his ministerial contact page, he basically says don’t bother emailing him on unless you give a postal address. The homeless will remain homeless in the digital economy, they can FOAD as far as Stephen is concerned.


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