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Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-02-07

Nicely thought out, very nicely. Hat Tip The Meta Picture (¿does anyone know where it comes from originally?).

Circle of leaves of different ages making up a spectrum

Life Is A Cycle

The degradation of different porphyrin rings (found in chlorophyll, rubrophyll, xanthophyll, as well as haemoglobin), shown by the different colors over time, is something I’m only vaguely aware of (mammals and microbes only at uni), but a botanical biochemist might be able to base an entire lecture on this piece of art.

Beautiful, even though I perceive it differently from most of you.

Dang – posting by el-cheapo mobile phone with a small screen does cause the odd typo or 10!


One Response to “Stunning”

  1. Ann O'Dyne said

    thanks for sharing.
    I am a sucker for collecting weird and colorful dead gumleaves which constantly amaze me in their variety.

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