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Gillard says the hard things to the US

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-03-14

While Gillard’s speech to US politicians made me wonder if ever in recorded history has such a long nose been so brown, I’m now beginning to see she did say some tough things – even if neither she, nor her hosts, realized it.

Let’s translate part of her speech into what could be read between the lines.

Listen Uncle Sam, I love you and all, but your best years are long ago, and you have to adapt.  When I was was a kid, you were putting astronauts on the moon – and now, well your astronauts will pretty soon be sticking out their thumbs, trying to hitch a ride from the Russians and Chinese, and even then will only be able to get into low earth orbit.
Then, you were a "can-do" nation, now you are a "can’t-do" country.
Did I say mates say the hard things?  Did you hear any?  So are we mates?
And by the way, don’t bother getting annoyed about the Chinese.  What are you going to do about it?  Start a war?


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