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KK win in NSW

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-03-28

When faced with Kang and Kodos, voting for Homer Simpson would be the better choice.

Kang was ousted, Kodos triumphant… Or was it the other way around?

There’d be no difference in NSW Liberal government policy and implementation if the ALP had 3 or 30 seats – but with only 3 seats, at least there’d be some chance of real ALP reform.

The NSW ALP was smashed for two reasons, one valid, one invalid.

The valid reason was contempt for everybody by the ALP right-wing hacks – who’ll use their dark arts to escape the retribution due from within the party even though they couldn’t avoid being punished at the ballot box.

There is little hope things will get better there.

The invalid reason was a stupid public, distressed by poor delivery of public services, and voting for a party antithetical to public services.  Privatizing power is a good reason to vote out a government, for instance, but not to replace them with a mob with a privatization catechism.

No hope for improvement there either.

It’s a choice of a wolf in sheep’s clothing or a naked wolf – the public has swallowed the line of both wolves that getting chewed up and shat out is good for you.

Look at what has happened in Victoria after the ALP got deservedly punished: the Libs are doing the same things, the right-wing are still running the ALP, the voters aren’t looking to disrupt the Kang/Kodos partnership, the only laws being debated are the changes by the AFL on interchange benches.

It’s as if John Howard was a hydra… Cut off a head and two more grow back… the public votes more and more for parties taking the Howard line.

Can it be that long before Howard becomes a lefty hero like Fraser?  Before Howard writes scathing letters to the SMH about the destruction of social capital?


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