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Ministers should go to rehab for their addictions

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-04-17

Failure by politicians to act on pokies now, allowing fat cats to continue to prey on the weak by messing with the addiction/reward circuits in the brain, would be like addicts refusing rehab when offered, failing to admit their problems, failing to acknowledge the harm they do.

It would be like continuing to rob little old ladies to pay the peddlars of addictions.

No… Not like that, the politicians are robbing little old ladies to pay off the peddlars of addiction.

The other failing of politicians is that, as a group, they have allowed themselves to become addicted to gambling revenue.

Perhaps their failure to create the conditions for rewarding lives for so many, hundreds of thousands of people with emptiness so easily exploited by gambling magnates, thus increasing gambling revenue, is some kind of cunning plan.  No, maybe not, that’s a bit cynical even for me.  But the feedback loop is there, nonetheless.

Gambling bosses have long been associated with crime, but it’s now much worse than standover tactics and a bit of gang warfare, worse than paid-off politicians turning a bind eye.  It’s the corruption of high policy, promoting the heavying of the population, it’s a betrayal by politicians of the hundreds of thousands of families, a negligence of their duty of care.

Wilkie, Xenophon, and too few others are acting as the conscience of federal parliament.  The others are unrepentant – but the only rehab is kicking them all out of office.


One Response to “Ministers should go to rehab for their addictions”

  1. Ann O'Dyne said

    I had always thought that gambling supplied charity with slabs of money, but now know that of the $11 billion raised for charity per annum, only $2bn comes from it. The same report on philanthropy that I read, using stats from the ATO, said that most donations are from people earning less than $100k pa, and that tax returns of mining industry employees prove that they givethe least – only 0.03% of their taxable income to charities.
    The cost to our community, of assisting families ruined by gambling, is probably greater than any industrial/employment benefit to the GNP.

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