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Canberra bargain – get one but pay for two

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-04-18

When you look at the policies of the majors, less disagreement between them than within either, it seems they are in bed with each other, only arguing about who was on top.

If two people getting government benefits were as closely coupled, but receiving benefits as if singles, Centrelink would come down on them like a ton of bricks.

Sorry, but when the majors are that close, fighting together against the minors and independents, do Labor and Coalition deserve a separate party room, payment for both ministers and shadow ministers, any more than we’d allow the members of the Nats and Libs to have shadows for the same portfolio and pay both of them?

What would the ACCC say, if looking at political parties like they do with other domains rife with cartels, like carboard manufacturing?

If the pollies in the majors truly wanted the taxpayer to get value for money, they’d declare the partnership and we’d get economies of scale.

At the moment we are paying for two and getting one… often with the same donors to both parties.

Then we know have the right-wing unions and big business joining together to make people eat their children’s future, like some twisted Greek tragedy.

The majors want to screw each other, but not in the traditional sense.


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