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Herald-Sun Ethics Checklist

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-07-23

Surprise, surprise, the Murdoch Hun main web page now has a link to the ethics and code of conduct required of editors and journalists.

….So, have fun ticking these dot points off for Muroch’s Melbourne rag for the first few points, using the Hun’s most notoriouspopular propagandistcolumnist as a touchstone: Andrew Bolt, or indeed, even the Murdoch broadsheet, The Oz:

  • 1. Accuracy
    • 1.1 Facts must be reported impartially, accurately and with integrity.
    • 1.2 Clear distinction must be made between fact, conjecture and comment.
    • 1.3 Try always to tell all sides of the story in any kind of dispute.
    • 1.4 Do not knowingly withhold or suppress essential facts.
    • 1.5 Journalists should not rely on only one source. Be careful not to recycle an error from one reference source to another. Check and check again.
  • 8. Discrimination
    • 8.1 Do not make pejorative reference to a person’s race, nationality, colour, religion, marital status, sex, sexual preferences, age, or physical or mental capacity. No details of a person’s race, nationality, colour, religion, marital status, sex, sexual preferences, age, or physical or mental incapacity should be included in a report unless they are relevant.

Given the extent to which Abbott dances to the Murdoch tune, I wonder if the same standards should apply to him?

Of course, when you are making unsubstantiated assumptions and banging on about groups hated by bogan readers, and those assertions turn out to be false (like the blaming of muslims for the Norwegian mass-murder), that’s not reporting, is it, so 8.1 might not necessarily apply.

Enjoy filling this out and scoring various Murdoch organs and personalities.

Um… and excuse me, but the feather-over-the-wrist look-the-other-way penalties … um … where are they spelt out?


3 Responses to “Herald-Sun Ethics Checklist”

  1. A bit like the 10 commandments. More in the breach!

    • Jaeger said

      “”The only one of the Ten Commandments that I am confident that I have not broken is the one about killing, and that’s because I haven’t had the opportunity yet.” — Tony Abbott.

  2. Dave Bath said

    It’s worth looking at the ethics pages – the bulk, and most detailed, involved things like “do not dare issue an apology or retraction unless you have spoken to our lawyers first and got the ok from the manager…. not in public, not in our papers, …”

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