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Malcolm, PM with party of one?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-07-23

I’m in silly mode here, but the silliness has some weird delicious sense for all the nonsense.

Here’s the best way for the ALP to keep Tony Abbott and the Liberal Backroom Bastards out of the lodge – offer to support Malcolm Turnbull as PM on the floor of the house.

… Malcolm as PM, not in the ALP, but supported by a coalition of ALP, Independents and Green … and maybe a few decent moderate Liberals if there are any others left in that party.

In theory at least, the PM merely has to have majority support in the House… and there is no constitutional requirement for the PM to be in the major party among supporters.

In theory, with ALP, Green and Indy support on the floor, Turnbull could be offered the Lodge without joining the ALP – without him resigning from the Libs even – or at most, being a party of one.

Turnbull is about the only politician of talent and principle the public knows about – especially with Kev out of action – and especially on great moral issues such as climate change risk management.

Of course, there’d have to be a few nods and winks about how Cabinet would operate, but then, with Malcolm in the Lodge, it’d probably be easier to get responsible policy through, policy closer to traditional ALP values than those it currently follows in the race-to-the-bottom with Abbott.

So, with diminished threat of a by-election, with added incentive for the small-l-liberal independents to stay the course, probably with Greens happier with an intelligent principled PM, even if Malcolm had veto over some policies, a minority Malcolm-Party government (with ALP/Green/Indy support) could keep everybody happy and truer to their principles – leaving the perfidious Mr Rabbit and his followers high and dry.

Hell…. I wonder if there’d even be a few other decent members of the Liberal Party prepared to support Malcolm.

Hell, call it a "Government of National Unity" – better than the stupid situation we currently have of point-scoring regardless of fact or decency.

  • Is there an easier way of keeping Tony Abbott out of the Lodge?
  • Is there an easier way for Turnbull to become PM (especially given the back-room hacks of the Libs
  • Is there an easier way for ALP members to improve their chances of re-election?
  • Is this the only leadership change that wouldn’t be seen by the public as desperate backstabbing (ok, desperate, but not backstabbing).
  • Most importantly, would this Malcolm Party-of-One Minority Government supported by ALP and moderates, lead to a better Australia?

Is there any other way, realistically, for the ALP to get out of this mess keeping any remnants at all of a popular vote or a shred of decency, any other way to keep Mr Rabbit from getting into power and making life hell for everyone?

Yes… my fever is getting the better of me… but, there is a weird kind of logic to it.


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