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Not tweeting … buzzing plus good

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-07-23

I’m finding Buzz and the public posts (easily separable from private posts) in Google Plus a hell of a lot more conducive to short comments than Twitter.

So, if you want some of my shorter thoughts and notes …

  • Google Buzz has all my shared gReader items, with a few comments, as well as other links I find interesting.  (Mind you, most of those I follow have their Buzz feed from their tweets.)
  • Short Posts (well, the public ones unless you are in my circles) are for short posts, links, and the occasional personal comment.

Oh, and regular readers here, if you still need an invite to get into Plus, get a gmail address to me one way or another and I’ll send you one.

Impressions of Plus

GooglePlus isn’t all prettily wrapped up yet, and it’s an odd mix of twitter, newsfeed, email and blogging with a bit of linkedin thrown into the mix – even without blogger.  The one thing I really like is the way it is well integrated into gmail – add posts, get notifications, respond to comments, all without leaving your gmail windows.

And yet, if you expect a facebook clone, you’ll be disappointed.

It is, however, already very good at letting you choose what bits are seen by who – public, one circle, or another circle.  At the very least it means I can easily choose to not annoy my younger friends with geeky science posts, not waste more politically-oriented interlocutors with posts about funny things my grandson said when I came home that night… that’s a real boon.

I’d expect integration will get even better as things get settled, but it is different, just like people thought gmail was silly because it lacked folders – until they realized google were spot on with tags – effectively allowing the same message to be in as many folders at once as you needed.

Certainly, the ability to edit comments and posts, get rid of a typo, insert the missing "not" is a boon – and the absence of silly farmvilles and texas poker is a real boon.

The thing is the integration… by following someone’s Buzz, I get little notes, as well as their tweets (if they’ve hooked it up).  Unlike facebook, they don’t have to follow me back.  Most of what you need, apart from setting up circles, is done in gReader and gMail.

Now, the integration isn’t perfect yet. It seems to be a little better than it was a couple of weeks ago, and I expect that before the year is out, it will be pretty damn sweet.

And notifying people who aren’t in g+ yet, by emnail, is a breeze, as long as you’ve set up your circles nicely.

But in the meantime, you’ll be able to judge the success of g+ by how many other sites start adding "+1" buttons, and by other media looking through Buzz, not just tweets.


Better differentiation and/or integration of gmail groups, google groups, and gplus circles would be a boon, as would the ability not to just display thouse in one or more of your circles, but only to those people who are members of the same circle.

The full browser interfaces are pretty good, but non-HTML5 browsers, especially ones like OperaMobile on my phone, have functionality degraded just a bit too much.  It means I’ve got to keep separate bookmarks on my phone for buzz, gmail, greader, and gplus.  I expect this isn’t as high a priority for google as getting the interface for circles and contacts tidied up in full browser versions, but I’ll be disappointed if it isn’t tidied up in a month or two.


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