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Would a lone Green wiping out Young Libs be a terrorist?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-07-24

Perhaps I was wrong in an earlier post about how a lefty watermelon lone gunman would be labelled by the media here.

I’d thought the label "madman" would be applied if the mass-murderer was white and non-moslem, if the mass-murderer was from the left or the right.

But, thinking about the effect of who was killed by Breivik, the gutting of the Norwegian lefty talent base, I think the likes of the Murdoch press would identify such politically-motivated terrorism as such, if and only if it was something like a (very hypothetical) watermelon mass-murderer, going into a Young Liberals annual general meeting and wiping out a similar proportion of talent.

If a red, a green, an atheist, or even a small-l-liberal worried about climate change, took out a similar percentage of conservative proselytes and propagandists – especially if wiping out a generation of them, it would not be portrayed as the work of a sole lunatic, it would be labelled by Bolt and Murdoch as the inevitable consequence of the ideology, and the tabloids and other conservative organs would be calling for latte-sippers to silenced, bugged by anti-terrorist squads, and removal of habeas corpus from all those who are left of Genghis Khan, who side with the vast majority of climate scientists, they’d want the Greens to be a proscribed terrorist organization, they might even push for scientific journals to be blocked by ISPs.

Can you imagine Tony Abbott at a press conference, asking questions indirectly of Bob Brown about whether he, as Greens Leader, accepted responsibility for a decimation of Young Liberals?  The Mad Monk would leap at the chance.

I don’t want to imagine what Bolt would write, but I can imagine the likes of Gerard Henderson, in measured tones, saying "It’s not surprising this happened, a fundemental precept of the environmental movement, adopted by many in the left, is that the world’s population and need for resources is at critical overload, and together with the left’s hatred for Tony Abbott especially and people who wait for more science on climate change, with people who want economic growth and the resource consumption required … well … it’s an effective way of getting what they want.  Even the left-wing press like The Age, and websites like GetUp must recognize the effect of their rhetoric on susceptible individuals, and adjust their reporting and propaganda accordingly."

Of course, I’m a watermelon, so while I think the tragedy in Norway was a terrorist act, perhaps one of the most effectively targetted bits of political violence in decades, I wouldn’t go so far as to say anyone who reads Hayek or Bolt should be considered suspect, that Hayek (useful if taken in context), that Bolt (bad, but should be ridiculed and shamed rather than banned), or even that the school of conservative will inevitably lead to the destruction of civilization..

But … what do you think the rightie media and the unprincipled politicians who make up most of the vocal right would do if the perpetration of a massive crime on their political allies by their political opponents took place?

I guess that’s the difference between the current leaders of the left versus those on the right who use and support the likes of Bolt.  The decent righties, and there are quite a few of them, would probably join the left, after consideration of the effects of Breivik’s actions, and label them terrorist, and label as terrorist the (extremely hypothetical) action by a greenie against the young libs.

Those who refuse to label Breivik as a terrorist, who refuse to recognize the impact of extremist righties, are probably hypocrites, would probably be happy to label left or environmental opponents as enemies of civilization given the least excuse.

Of course, it’s not the average righty who would be such a hypocrite – they just mightn’t want to think so hard about Breivik as a terrorist.  Let’s be clear – it’s time the good righties took charge and muzzled the rabid dogs among them.

And just as importantly, the left should not use the tragedy as a pretext to attack reasonable righties, to remove freedoms – merely ask, but ask strongly, that the rabid dogs should be muzzled, and that we can have a debate with the reasonable righties, not be forced to engage with the unreasonable ones.

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