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Balneus aims to provide comment and dialogue on a wide range of subjects that influence society, including the sciences, the humanities, economics, and, of (unavoidably), what Aristotle saw as the highest art, requiring synthesis of all other disciplines, politics.

It hopes to learn from those who disagree with it.

If you want a blog on celebrities, sport, fluffy-kittens, or hit CDs, you may as well go away: nothing for you here.

The target audience prefers dialectic to dogma, wants to be a citizen in both of Snow’s “Two Cultures”, and is attracted to blogs that provoke not to offend, but to learn from the counter-arguments of those who comment on the posts, blogs that ask questions rather than have all the answers.

Yes, Balneus is probably pretentious, but if you’ve read this far, chances are you’re just as bad.

The administrator is a former single custodial dad (and grandfather since early 2007), has developed software for nearly 30 years (both open source and commercial), has an academic background in biomedical sciences, and has spent much of his commercial IT work in the fields of health, risk management and finance.

Placement in political spectra discussed here

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