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Posts and comments breaking editorial rules will be expurgated, if not totally expunged.

  • Strong profanities are prohibited in all posts and comments
    • If you must indicate the C-word, or the F-word, (only as a direct quote from a public figure), use C*** or F***, with appropriate -ing or -ed if necessary.
    • Complete starring is preferred (e.g. ****ing)
    • Similarly offensive words from other languages are prohibited
    • Mild profanities such as sh*t only need vowels turned to stars.
    • The only exception to the profanity rules is if the text is a direct quote in the original language of Latin or classical (not demotic) Greek texts, e.g. Catullus or Aristophanes.
  • Stay on-topic
    • Wandering threads of comments are discouraged.
  • Be polite
    • Attack the substance of posts and comments, not the person.
    • Be careful when criticizing other’s English – not all netizens are native English speakers.
    • No sleaze.
  • Be compact
    • Posters should use the “more” construct as soon as possible.
    • You must not include images or other multimedia in a post or comment, e.g. use a href tag enclosing a short description, not an image tag.
    • Essay-length posts (not comments) are encouraged.
  • Use standard (X)HTML constructs
    • Accessibility to people with visual disabilities is very important.
    • Use logical markup (<em>, <strong>) rather than physical markup (<i>, <b>).
    • Use relative, not absolute font sizes and spacings. Try and use a smaller font for “asides”
  • The administrator’s decision is final

5 Responses to “Etiquette”

  1. Dear Dave,
    One of your blog posts has been nominated and made the cut for our Best Blogs 2008 feature at On Line Opinion. it is here: I am planning to publish this as in the next few days as long as you have no objections. Can you email me and let me know if this is OK and what you would like in your short bio. It doesn’t need to identify you if you don’t want.
    Kind regards
    Susan Prior – editor

  2. Dave Bath said

    Folks, the OLO feature will be here. I’m actually surprised it qualified at all – it was a rush job, it ain’t great writing – but I think most of the judges agree with the sentiment in it.

  3. David Wynack said

    Dave bath I ahve two Amust Executive 816. Do you know where i might be able to source other machines as a couple of keys from keyboard are missing also i would like to source the original disks.

  4. Dave Bath said

    David Wynack:
    You have two of those machines. (The AMUST Executive 816 was perhaps the sweetest portable of it’s day… laptop sized in an era of “sewing machines” so truly portable, and Australian designed and made yet bleeding edge. CP/M, typically with Classic Wordstar and dBase2… Z80 from memory – it was certainly an 8-bit machine.)

    Sorry, last time I used one of those was 1985. You might be able to carve out some plastic keys, but I don’t know about the disks. I threw out all my 8-inch and 12-inch diskettes about 15 years ago – only keeping punched paper tape because it is still readable.

    My guess is that you still might be able to discover some old diskettes that fit the drive, but you’ll need IBM PC classic (maybe AT) hardware with a CP/M boot diskette to format them. Perhaps the only people to have such combinations are nostalgic types who have DEC Rainbows.

    You’ll probably be able to source a Z80 CP/M boot disk image somewhere on the net.

    Perhaps a Z80 emulator/cross-assembler running under unix ( is available, or maybe Hmmm, maybe there is even a minix available for it if you cannot find CP/M.

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