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Strong – a list of links with an economics/business emphasis: this page is still at the larval stage, so for the moment, just use the blogroll on the right hand side!

Note: Another good list of academic economics blogs is at

Quick list with links to my summary of the site/resource:
[Australian Policy Online],  [CEPR],  [COREeconomics],  [The Economist],  [The Economist Blogs],  [Kenneth Davidson],  [Harvard Business School Working Knowledge],  [Peter Martin],  [New Economics Foundation],  [NewEconomist],  [US Army Enterprise Solutions Competency Center],  []

Score Name Feeds Major Topics
9 APO – Australian Policy Online [research]
Economics+, Policy+++, Australia+++
Excellent digests of research and reports on many facets of Australian life from the Institute for Social Research, Swinburne Uni.  While not exactly a feed, it’s worth checking out the Infocast/Weekly Briefing.  It doesn’t deal with economic theory, but the social impacts of economics in Australia.
9 CEPR – Center for Economic Policy and Research [list of
Economics+++, Policy++
A research support network for academic economists. (details)
9 COREeconomics std Australia++, Economics++, Politics, Academia, Personal
An eclectic set of articles from Prof Joshua Gans
9 The Economist [list of em] Economics+++, International++, Politics++, SciEnv, Society
Seriously, the best source of up-to-date information on Economics from an authoritative source that is not only rigorous, but has a progressive environmental and humanitarian agenda (as evidenced by it’s sister company, the Economist Intelligence Unit working to create and promote the Global Peace Index described at the Vision of Humanity site and the Wikipedia entry on the GPI
9 The Economist Blogs   Economics++, International++, Politics++, SciEnv, Society
A collection of different blogs each covering a different topic with an emphasis on economics, including Tech.View (Technology),  Certain Ideas of Europe (The project, the people, and the gap between them [RSS]),  Democracy in America (A potluck – and skeptical – discussion of American society, politics and culture [RSS]) ,  Free Exchange (A discussion of ideas in economics [RSS]) ,  Green.View (Useful for arguing with "business-first" types to show them how addressing "green" issues can be good for economies.)
8 Kenneth Davidson   Economics++, Australia++, Politics+ 
A list of op-ed articles written by Ken Davidson at The Age.  While Ken is considered a lefty by some, he can even be more scathing about ALP governments.  He seems to have quite a thing about public-private-partnerships, good governance, and could be classed a "national deficit hawk"
8 Harvard Business School Working Knowledge std Economics++, Management++, SocPol+
A surprisingly enlightened site for business leaders with management techniques, but has a big emphasis on responsible business, the environment and poverty reduction.  [topic summary].  [newsletter signup].  [podcasts].  Interestingly, I’ve seen quite a few stories listed on the cover of Harvard Business Review that are the same as articles from the HBSWK newsletter and feedback pages a month or two earlier!
8  Peter Martin std Economics++, Australia++, Politics+
The economics editor for the Canberra Times and sometimes writer for the New Matilda blog, Peter’s blog could be considered extremely skeptical of politicians.  Quite refreshing.
8  New Economics Foundation   Economics++, Social Policy++, Environment++
A progressive economics think-tank.  Developers of the Happy Planet Index.
7  NewEconomist   Economics++
New economic research, data, events and analysis from a London-based macro-economist. Very good list of economic resources and blogs, and his articles tagged for Australia are here.  Quite wide-ranging, including thoughts on Should schools teach happiness? as a sample.
9 US Army Enterprise Solutions Competency Center   Management+++
A brilliant site on Enterprise Transformation, including KPI management, organizational change management, performance improvement, etc.  It used to be called the (US) Army Enterprise Integration Oversight Office
9 [blog]
Economics++, Europe++, International, Social Policy
A "group blog" of academic economics, with an emphasis on Europe and the impact of economics on social policy, this usually publishes summaries of academic papers suitable for lay readers.  A mix of other feeds from this site are available here, and there is also a good topic map.

You can leave comments if you think I’m missing something here (or got it wrong), but the comments will be deleted after I’ve checked out the URL. If there’s a feed, include it with the main link to make it easier on me.

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