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Strong – a list of links with an humorous aspect: posts in this blog tagged “Humor” are here

Quick list with links to my summary of the site/resource:
[Annals of Improbable Research], [Despair], [Dilbert], [Doonesbury], [God’s C Code For Humans], [Language Log], [LOLcode], [Non Sequitur], [Paleo-Future], [RinkWorks], [Strange Maps], [Uncyclopedia]

Name Feeds Major Topics
Annals of Improbable Research Humor++, Science/Technology++
Home of IgNobels and research that could not, or should not, be repeated
Despair Humor+++, Management++, Psychology+
A spoof on “inspirational” posters, et al. You can buy cups, posters, etc. View the “demotivators” here. I’m fond of Mediocrity, Potential, and Wishes
Dilbert blog Humor+++, Science/Technology++, Management++
Almost so true, it’s tragic. Technologists will laugh and cry, management types – or as we call them – “suits” just won’t get it. (If they did “get it” the Dilbert strip would have no raison d’etre. Also, check out the Real blog, not just the daily strip. (The feed is for the blog, not the strip)
Doonesbury std Humor+++, Politics++, Sociology++
The long-time favorite political strip
God’s C code for humans (GPLd) Blogs Humor++, Linguistics++
To my mind, one of the classic pieces of hacker humor imagining the C header file (with comments) God would use to create humans. Even if you are a non-programmer, you’ll get the jokes. (If you are a programmer, wander around related pages).
Language Log std Humor++, Linguistics+++
While certainly a serious blog on the uses and abuses of language (imagine Media Watch pickiness by professional grammarians), it certainly has a sick sense of humor… Here are a few choice ones:

LOLcode Humor++, Computing++
A computer language based on SMS usage. The whole idea is silly (GTFO breaks out of loops, etc), but there are exception handlers, many implementations, BNF grammars. Might encourage 13 year-old girls to program tho’.
Non Sequitur std Humor++, Politics++
An absolutely brilliant comic strip. I’d also recommended related links Obviousman: the movie (about 2 minutes) and The legend of Obviousman (from a UDelaware Communications Course)
Paleo-Future std Humor++, Science+, Sociology+
Explores past predictions about the future and how they go wrong (and rarely, right), including specifics, e.g. robots), or by decades (e.g. the 60s)
RinkWorks Humor Humor++, Arts++, Information Management++
Quite primitive looking, but fun, my favorites including

Strange Maps std Humor++, Geography+
Whimsy with maps. Check out the 10-State Australia 1838 proposal from the Royal Geographical Society and Renaming US states based on GDP, life expectancy, etc
Uncyclopedia Humor++
A surprisingly extensive spoof of Wikipedia. For a few choice entries, see my Unserious time post and יהוה (The artist formerly known as God)
  • An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.
A strange sense of humor with a scientific bent from an ex-NASA type. I particularly like Certainty and Electromagnetic Spectrum

You can leave comments if you think I’m missing something here (or got it wrong), but the comments will be deleted after I’ve checked out the URL. If there’s a feed, include it with the main link to make it easier on me.

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