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Links on … Theology and Religion

A list of links that have an emphasis on theology and/or religion, with a decent emphasis on skepticism.  More will be added.

Quick list with links to my summary of the site/resource:
[Australian Intercultural Society],  [Compass],  [Evil Bible],  [Father Bob],  [Five Public Opinions],  [Gospel of Reason],  [Jihad],  [NewAtheist],  [Planet Atheism],  [Richard Dawkins],  [Skeptics Annotated Bible],  [Similarities between the Bible and the Q’ran], 

  Name Feeds Major Topics
  Australian Intercultural Society   Religion, Tolerance
A group that tries to build bridges between different faiths and cultures, often by having "open days" where people of different faiths can visit each others’ places of worship. Here is a list of 2007 events.
  Compass (ABC)   Religion, Philosophy
ABC’s premier religious program, but tackles wider sociological issues through an ethical perspective.  Excellent watching/reading, and I wish more religious types watched it – they might actually learn something about their own religion, and others.  Check out the excellent ABC library on religion, ethics, etc.
  Evil Bible   Religion
Really a list of the Bible’s nastier passages, and darkly humorous to those who wish more Christians were as enlightened as Bishop Shelby Spong.
  Father Bob feed Religion, Society
The delightfully grumpy interlocutor of John Safran on JJJ/SBS. See also the podcasts of Sunday Night Safran available through JJJ
  Five Public Opinions std Religion, Politics, Australia
Australian blog that is half politics, half religious debunking and not stupid.
  Gospel of Reason std Religion+
Advocates atheism firmly but fairly, and sometimes with a sense of humor.  A good example is here which discusses the Bible’s insistence that π=3.
  Jihad – a critical exposition   Religion
(Other formats available here  A classic text by Moulavi Gerágh Ali written in 1885 that is more properly called: A Critical Exposition of the Popular ‘Jihád’ Showing that all the Wars of Mohammad Were Defensive; and that Aggressive War, or Compulsory Conversion, is not Allowed in The Koran std Religion
Fairly big on video-clips, although my favorite pointed to a static graph of Who killed the most people in the Bible?
  Planet Atheism fdbnr Religion
Aggregator of blogs by non-believers and free-thinkers. At any time, PA shows the most recent twenty or so posts from its member blogs, in chronological order.  The link above is to the "short version", the "long version" is here.
  Richard Dawkins std Religion, Science
More like a support group (resources and local groups) than a promotional site for books and vids.  It has an excellent page of links including all of Darwin’s work online.  Note that I’ve written "Dawkins v God" 1 and 2 that were critical of his attitude in his recent TV series.
  Similarities between the Bible and the Q’ran   Religion
From wikipedia.  Much needed by ignorant Christians, who should also read the Islamic View of Jesus
  Skeptics Annotated Bible   Religion
An excellent concordance of three holy books, Bible, Q’ran and Mormon, but is fair enough to include "Good Stuff" for each.
  "Uncyclopedia" Entries   Religion, Humor
As with most things on, there is a hotchpotch of excellent satire and inanity, but there are a few religious entries worth looking at, including: Organized religion.  See also my main spiel about UnCyclpedia.

You can leave comments if you think I’m missing something here (or got it wrong), but the comments will be deleted after I’ve checked out the URL. If there’s a feed, include it with the main link to make it easier on me.


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