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Your Feedback

Add you general comments here if they do not relate to any particular post.

I’ll probably cull or consolidate comments regularly, and a few might be moved into an occasional post.

5 Responses to “Your Feedback”

  1. Dear Balneus,

    Hello, my name is Alan Bajandas, a freelancer with Scientific American Magazine. I was reading your recent post on persistent vegetative state and thought that the following article, published yesterday online, might be of similar interest to you. We invite you to link to the article if this would be of use to you.

    ARTICLE: Near-Vegetative Man Partially Recovers from Brain Injury, Recites Pledge of Allegiance
    SUMMARY: Deep-brain stimulation “jump-starts” a man’s brain six years after he suffered a severe head trauma
    URL: [link]

    If you like the article and would like to receive more on the subject, we welcome the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with you. We publish on such issues frequently and can personally forward you relevant articles free of charge. To contact Scientific American directly with any question at all, send email to with the subject “outreach feedback,” and we’ll get back to you shortly.

    All the Best,

    Alan Bajandas
    Scientific American, Web Outreach

  2. Dear Dave,

    Iam rashmi malapur from ICFAI BUSINESS SCHOOL. I work here as a research associate and presently have an idea on whcih i plan to make an edited book.

    The book would be Relevance of Adam Smith.

    I would be greatful if you could contribute an article to my book.

    thank you,

    rashmi malapur

  3. Hello Dave,

    your site popped up when I was searching the net for how to open Penny Wong’s latest Climate change report. I have had the same experience as the person you helped yesterday. It just won’t open, and it is not a pdf, but some unrecognisable format.

    I could be tempted to think that the Property Council or some other dinosour sceptic organisation with a business as ususal agenda has hijacked it.

    Can you please tell me how to download it? I’m dying to know how many Vicotrian houses are destined for the drink in the next 50 years.


    Jenny Warfe

  4. John H. said


    Regarding health costs and aging. Not the article I did have in mind but found this:

    At the end of the link, note claim that Sweden has managed to deal effectively with age related health care.


  5. Georgina Bain said

    Dear Dave,

    We are publishing a collection of political essays edited by Jeff Sparrow and Antony Loewenstein next month titled LEFT TURN. I thought you might be interested in reviewing a copy of the book.

    Please contact me directly at to discuss further.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Georgina Bain
    Senior Publicist
    Melbourne University Publishing

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