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This blog believes that people should get involved with our democratic process by letting your voice be heard through submissions to parliament. Even 1% of the time you spend writing your posts or comments in the blogosphere would be a huge improvement!

You can find out a list of inquiries (both into bills referred to committee and general enquiries) at the Current Inquiries By Subject at the Australian Parliament House.

Note that the times between advertising for public submissions and the closing date for submissions is getting tighter and tighter, but I can’t imagine it being under a working week, but just under a fortnight is quite common.

A How-To Guide for making submissions is posted on the Australian Parliament House website, along with other guidelines to witnesses and procedures.

A list of RSS feeds from parliament is available here, which include those for newly announced inquiries and recently tabled reports. If you plan on rocking up in person, try the upcoming hearings feed.

You can see a list of my personal submissions (some short, some longer) to give you an idea of how little you need to do: basically your entire submission could be “I support the bill” or “I urge parliament to reject the bill”.

(If the lists below are outdated, you can always use this search for my stuff in

Feel free to add a link to a submission you have made as a private individual

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  12. Nigel said

    Mr Bath, reporting back to base…submission in on time (very on time) so here it is:
    *Submission List to Senate Climate Change Inquiry

    (Editor’s note: Nigel’s individual submission is here. )

    Its all quite messy but the point was the water loss and water contamination from mining which has had a drastic effect on the outback. Dont listen to me though, im only parroting a very in-depth study by the CSIRO (Future Dilemma’s) which makes this point in much more detail. I will be waiting with bait on my breath for the report as I am now going through all 27 submissions to get a handle on the material…in fact I dont know why the senate doesnt give me the job of reporting…that would avoid any undue bad publicity down the track from rosettamoon!!

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