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When protecting the guilty might be the best option

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-01-17

Another handover of evidence to Wikileaks about misbehaviour in the banking system, another set of questions arising about the desirability of redaction before publication, another chance to see if Wikileaks is playing for short-term fame, or long-term reform.

The release of the evidence of gross tax evasion should be geared to forcing governments to tax action to close the holes, not make headlines dissimilar from celebrity gossip columns.

How might good long-term results for the public be best achieved?

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Backroom and visible policy at odds

Posted by Dave Bath on 2011-01-05

The Wikileak about Australia taking Japanese whalers to court being nothing but a to placate the public, not the actual thrust of action by government, raises two points unrelated to whaling:

  1. The publication sequence of wikileaks might be planned, the more damning still to be released;
  2. More importantly, we must wonder what other actions of government are designed to distract, while more forceful occult policy pushes the opposite way.

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Wikileaks Elf Arrested

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-10

An elf was taken into custody by North Pole Fairy Police, on suspicious of providing Wikileaks with the Naughty and Nice database, some of which was published today, the rest to be released over coming weeks.

The furore has been labelled "Santagate" by some.

"It’s totally irresponsible of wikileaks to make this available." said a Toy Industry spokesperson.  "This will have a disastrous impact on sales of toys, putting many manufacturers at risk of bankruptcy."

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With friends like these 2 – BF4eva

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-10

The US rejected the Australian government’s request for details on upcoming leaks, a request to prepare for the fallout that, if Gillard’s hyperbole about the impact and therefore irresponsibility of the leaks is correct, needed planning for damage control.

Imagine this were a group of schoolgirls:

  • Anne has written in her diary all the gory details about the fantasies and doings of her "best friend 4 ever", Brittany.
  • Anne’s diary is stolen by Cass (the loner of the class), who announces she’ll be posting pages, bit by juicy bit, around the school.
  • Brittany asks Anne about what is in Britt’s diary to limit the fallout.
  • Anne refuses, apart from saying "some of the things you’ve told me and other stuff".

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No Arbibeque – Q and A

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-10

Q: With chats with US spiesembassy officials, what is the difference between the probably-innocent chats of most politicians, and the probably-dodgy ones of Senator Mark Arbib, as revealed by wikileaks?

A: Arbib repeatedly demanded to be a protected source, the chats kept secret from all non-US eyes.

Q: So what?

A: Why would he make such demands unless he…

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Timing is everything

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-09


Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, today launched "The Insider Threat to Business – A Personnel Security Handbook", designed to help businesses understand and protect themselves from the security threat of insider activity.

New ‘insider threat’ to busniess resource launched
– Australian Labor News 2010-12-09

Horse bolt. Gate shut.

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With friends like these

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-09

Could there be a better strategy to taint Wikilieaks than associating Wikileaks with a bunch of crackers hitting MasterCard, Visa and PayPal, making everyone feel their money might be unsafe from Wikileaks supporters?

If I was a perception manager for those scared by the truth about governments (and the upcoming Bank of America megaleak), I’d be organizing or egging-on bunches of nutters like the Anonymous group that claim to support Assange.


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Arbibeque time

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-09

Arbib, presumably unlike McMullen and Danby, wanted his anonymity guarded by the US because he was divulging stuff in an improper way, underhanded enough for punishment.

But the Libs might not want to burn him.

The beauty of these improper chats is that what was said cannot be denied, and the Libs looking for a scalp will be wanting a suitably small level of disclosure to a "friendly" to not only force him from cabinet, but to force him to resign as MP [and bring on a byelection in a hung parliament – my bad].

If the Libs don’t try and wipe Arbib from cabinet or even parliament with a big ALP scalp and tainting of ALP members as traitors [possible change of government – my bad] as the prize, then what might be stopping them from the attempt?

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Metaleaks and metanews

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-08

We need leaks about the leaks.

We are used to the story-about-the-story phenomenon about general news items, but there is now a twist to this waiting to happen.

There will necessarily be a difference between what governments say to public and each other about their attitudes and actions regarding Assange.  Leaks about these will be telling and newsworthy – and give a very accurate understanding of how dissembling works, and why such secrecy is actually necessary.

Are the publically stated reasons justifying secrecy and the seriousness of Assange’s actions the same as the real reasons?

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Recruiting for your enemy

Posted by Dave Bath on 2010-12-06

Hyperbole and hypocrisy are great ways to bolster the numbers of your enemies.

Governments are working hard to paint Assange as a terrorist like Bin Laden.

How many idiots became dangerous jihadists because of overblown rhetoric (and lies) from western politicians?

How many tech-savvy groups will become so angry about the treatment of wikileaks, that they go further than Assange, by actively hacking for data rather than waiting it to be leaked?  How many will go further still, not just copying data, but corrupting it?

It’s going to get ugly.

Update: It is, with hacktivists hitting Mastercard and other –

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